Transition Coaching

Life Can Be A Rollercoaster

Death, Divorce, Grief, Abuse, Addiction, Moving, Fired, New Baby...

What Is Transition?

  • Premarital: You are moving in together to see if this relationship can work. He snores, she leaves clothes on the floor, he works late. Have the support of a Coach to learn how to navigate through new troubled waters can be effective.
  • Becoming a Parent: Being a new parent can be a shock to your system. You are exhausted and may feel overwhelmed. It’s natural. Learn how to balance your time and get a sense of peace back into your life with a great counsel. 
  • Separation and Divorce: You do have options and choices to move forward towards a life of happiness with one-on-one support from a Life Coach. Discover what those could be for you. There is a life after turmoil.
  • Empty Nesters: It could be just yourself, your spouse and you are left at home. Now what? With my help we will brainstorm and create an individualized plan of what is important to you and where you want to be. What is your passion
  • Caregiving: You are caring for an elderly person or relative. How can you be at their beck and call to make sure that they are getting the care they need and all their priorities are met? You are pulled in so many directions. We can set up strategies and to put into place organizational systems that work for all involved.
  • End-of-Life: There could be a sense of urgency or denial of not wanting to accept the inevitable. There could be fences to mend. It could be a time for healing wounds and taking stock of your life with peace and no regrets. 
  • Grief: This is much more than just being sad. It could be an engulfment of tremendous loss and emptiness. Slowly at your own pace, you can create simple ways for you to embrace this loss and to move forward, gently and respectfully.

Transition Coaching Process

  • Feeling out of balance: part of your life works well, but somehow something is off kilter. You are looking for more satisfaction and joy.

  • Facing a transition: whether it is a changing relationship, an empty nester or a work situation, you are at a crossroads. You might feel apprehensive, stuck in a rut or unclear about what it is you really want. 

  • Experiencing burnout: you are spent. You are exhausted and tired. Nothing seems to be working, you are unhappy, frustrated and stuck in the quagmire of life.

  • Coming out of a crisis: (Divorce, Health Issues, Personal Loss etc.) –you have gone through a crisis, are emotionally drained and have done the necessary steps to heal, be it therapy or the passage of time. Now you want to pick up the pieces and move on with your life.

  • Feeling bored with your life, something is missing: your life works, it’s ok, but inwardly you clearly know that something is missing. You don’t have that spark. You want to take your experience of life to the next level. You so desperately want to feel that your life has a purpose and that you are making a difference.

I’m not aging. I’m choosing this life’s journey as my chance to create a brand new day just for me.

The Coaching Process


I do the majority of my Life Coaching by telephone (virtual) and some in-person. We start with a FREE half-hour coaching/client consultation to see if you and I are in alignment and that we comfortable with each other? 


I will email you an intake package for you to fill out so I can become familiar with your background and future goals. When we agree to work together, I shall provide you with a bridge number (a telephone line to call) and the pin number to allow us to connect. 


Phone or in-person sessions range from 35-45 to 60 minutes. We review your progress and address what your agenda will be for that particular day/week. I offer unlimited email support and encouragement and welcome occasional brief check-ins.

"I was in a fog. I couldn't string two thoughts together and I started having constant anxiety about every decision I was making. I simply didn't know what to do any more and then I started seeing Sandi. She helped me find my self again. I couldn't be happier."    

                                            - Doug Jones

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