Relationship Coaching

Being in a partnership has its hurdles and guidance can help through the rough patches.

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Relationship with Your Self

Maybe fear is holding you back from making an important change in your personal or business life. Maybe you are so invested in a problem that you can’t see the solution even though you know there has to be one. Maybe you have ten goals for your personal or business life but you don’t know how to narrow down your list, let alone which one to start on first. All you know is that you keep doing the same thing, getting the same results, and spinning your wheels! The wheels can stop spinning now and you can design your life as you see it.

Sandi isn’t going to psychoanalyze you or set goals she thinks you should achieve. Instead, she asks you the right questions to help you discover your path to a more fulfilling personal, business, or love life and keeps you accountable and motivated along the way. 

Sandi is your cheerleader, your advocate, and your unending source of support to help you get unstuck and unlock your dreams and passions. She will accompany you along the path to becoming your best self.

Relationship Coaching

  • Marital: Honeymoon over? In a marriage there is the constant dance between communication and listening. With the support of your Coach, you will learn to lead with your positive strengths as you open a new door to a life together.
  • Parenting: Being a new parent can be a shock to your system. You are exhausted and may feel overwhelmed. It’s natural. Learn how to balance your time and get a sense of peace back into your life with a great counsel. 
  • Separation and Divorce: You do have options and choices to move forward towards a life of happiness with one-on-one support from a Life Coach. Discover what those could be for you. There is a life after turmoil.
  • Adolescents: Is there a power struggle in your house? By using proven techniques for better listening and communicating, put the sense of calm back into the home. See how Coaching makes a difference.
  • Children: Learn from a Coach what patience and humor can do to end the chaos. Bring a sense of peace back into your home by gaining a sense of direction from a new perspective and helping hand.

Start with the relationship with yourself.

“Relationships do not mean just romantic relationships. Relationships with friends, family, coworkers and friends and the self are all important. However, the relationship with yourself is the most important.”              

                               - Sandi Anderson  


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