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Soul Coaching guides alignment from your inner spirit with your outer life.

Webster's dictionary defines spirit as: "the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person." It is the wisdom within each of us, beyond years and experience. Its origins are mysterious, and many believe that our spirit lives on beyond our body in a non-physical plane.

For some, spirit is indelibly linked with the Divine. Saint Teresa called spirit "the life of God within us." It is thought that our spirit resides in the center of our bodies near our hearts. Sometimes we refer to it as our heart, receiving messages from there that have the power to awaken our aliveness – "in my heart I know . . . "

Spirit is the Life Force that Generates Vitality

"Spirit" comes from the Latin word spiritus, meaning breath. HW Longfellow called it "A vital breath of more ethereal air." It may be that our spirit is the life force that generates vitality in our bodies: esprit de corps – the spirit of the body, the breath of life. In the ancient roots of the English language, there is an understanding of spirit that in our culture often gets overlooked.

At a stressful pace, we live each day running down tasks. Most of our focus and energy has literally gone to our heads. We tend to give more value to information that comes from our brains, finding their great powers of analysis and judgment. But this is also where fear and anxiety are born, emotions that keep us dispirited – small and weak.

Your Spirit is Your Best Resource

With even a cursory look, spirit can be found in all living beings. It is a great power center just waiting to give direction and meaning to our lives. Whether we believe it to be a connection with God, the source of all life, or each person's innate wisdom, spirit is a resource that we can draw upon.

Plant the Seeds for Happiness and They Will Grow

"Every culture has a way with dealing with the healing and nurturing of the soul. It has been an important part of many cultures for centuries. Sandi understands the soul like no other and can help guide your spirit to a happy place."

                                  - Mary Jackelyn

Finding Your Center

Finding Solace for Your Soul

Whether the client is an executive trying to improve their profit margins or a parent talking about challenges with their teenager, any client with any agenda can be coached with a spiritual style.

A Spiritual Coach is not a Guru

Nor are they necessarily spiritual teachers or guides. What's important is that the coach has an active spiritual life and is learning to surrender to spirit, allowing it to guide their thoughts, decisions and actions.

Religious and Spiritual Beliefs Are Very Personal

It would be unethical for a coach to preach to or try to convert a client to specific religious or spiritual beliefs. Instead, I work with the client's own beliefs, encouraging them to expand their understanding and apply those tenets as guidelines for their own decision-making and actions. 

Spiritual Life Coaching is a Natural Part of Who I Am

My life experience has enabled me to develop my gift of seeing into the core issues behind most situations. This includes soul changes, forgiveness work, emotional healing and trauma release work.

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